• Acquisition Management

    DMA provides an array of Acquisition Management support services that help our clients streamline the acquisition process, strengthen management controls, and lower overall acquisition costs. [More information]


  • Contract Administration

    DMA’s contract administration support services that ensures our clients have the best contracting approach for developing systems and acquiring resources and services. Our approach is to examine each task from a programmatic, financial, contractual, and cost and schedule perspective. [More information]


  • Cost Estimating and Economic Analysis

    DMA offers a range of qualitative and quantitative analyses that will support key acquisition decisions and yearly financial planning analytical tasks.  Specific techniques include the use of models and simulations, quantitative assessments, data analysis, technology readiness assessments, and risk based decision analysis. [More information]


  • Financial Management

    DMA offers a range of Financial Management support services. We optimize the preparation and coordination of key financial management strategies and artifacts.  Plus, we promote the integration, reuse, and exchange of information to ensure greater accuracy, consistency and situational awareness of financial management aspects. [More information]


  • Program Management

    DMA offers an integrated array of Program Management support services.  We provide a tailored program management service that enables program managers to make informed cost, schedule and performance tradeoffs and manage risk as their programs progress through the acquisition cycle.   [More information]


  • Strategic Planning

    DMA offers a broad range of strategic planning support services that agencies can utilize to realize strategic goals and objectives.  We employ a multistep process that ensures client satisfaction. [More information]


  • Systems Engineering

    DMA offers an array of Systems Engineering support services.  Our approach is to create balanced solutions that address capability needs, design constraints, and limitations posed by technology, budget and schedule.  We integrate the use of methodological and structured processes to achieve the highest level of system efficieny. [More information]

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