Financial Management

We are experts at helping our clients successfully manage their financial management roles and responsibilities. Our focus is to optimize the preparation and coordination of all budget execution tasks, to include budget exhibits, spend plans, and commitment, obligation and disbursement progress reports. In addition, we perform a quantitative and qualitative analyses that include business decision analysis, cost/benefit analysis, organizational structure assessment, performance analysis, risk analysis, financial planning and budgeting analysis and trend analysis. Our staff is keenly aware of each stage of the acquisition life cycle and has in-depth knowledge in accounting, cost estimating and analysis, finance, and economics that enable clients to leverage their expertise, from concept and requirements definition to implementation and execution. Our extensive array of Financial Management support services includes:

  • Procurement Strategic Planning and Execution
  • Strategy and Implementation
  • Procurement Planning and Documentation
  • Financial Analysis and Management
  • Budgeting, Funds Execution, Reporting
  • Budgetary Research and Decision Analysis
  • Business Decision Analysis


We also promote the integration, reuse, and exchange of information generated from life cycle cost estimates, annual budgets and spend plans, obligation and disbursement reports, risk management reports, Integrated Master Schedules (IMS), Earned Value Management (EVM) reports, Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), and performance metrics. It is our experience that the integration, reuse, and exchange of information foster greater accuracy, consistency and situational awareness of financial management aspects.

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